Structure & Graphics

Over time, Ferguson Box has made a point to keep current with packaging technology to best respond to our customers’ needs. We’ve done this by investing in equipment and expertise to increase the quality of the final product. Ferguson has in-house structural and graphic design capabilities to add real value to your next packaging project.

Kongsberg XL 44 CAD Table

Specific equipment & software includes:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Artios CAD 18.0.1

    • Artios 3-D - creates 3-D renderings of structure files
    • Studio Toolkit- allows graphics to be added to 3-D renderings
  • SolidWorks CAD software

  • Kongsberg XL-44 CAD Table

  • Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504 flatbed inkjet printer for prototype mockups

Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504 plotter and color books

SolidWorks software video demo

High-Graphic Die Cutters

High-end direct flexographic print capabilities in up to a 4-color process with vacuum sheet transfer and multiple spot colors enables a competitive, high-end product that is comparable to that of a litho label. Dryers are installed on each print unit and there is option for overprint varnish.

Martin die cutter with worker loading machine

Flexo Folder Gluers

We produce simple and complex jumbo, midsize, and small cartons as well as a variety of die-cut packaging items. They can be glued in-line or are converted on our flexo folder gluers.

Flexo folder gluer machine video

Flexo folder gluer machine in warehouse facility

Jumbo flexo machine in warehouse facility

Specialty Gluer

BOBST ExpertFold 230 folder-gluer

Our cutting-edge BOBST ExpertFold 230 specialty folder-gluer allows both short and long runs of a variety of corrugated packaging solutions including auto-lock bottom and 4-corner boxes. As our most recent investment, this machine represents our continual commitment to production and quality.

BOBST ExpertFold 230 folder-gluer video

Platen Die Cutter

Our flatbed die cutter creates specialty products such as Litho-labeled risers, bases, trays, and intricate die cuts. Tolerances are much tighter for a flatbed die cutter which allows us to create unique designs for our customers. Flatbed die cutters have the capability to use matrix and other rule combinations that are limited or unavailable with rotary die cutters.

Platen die cutter in warehouse facility

Vertically Integrated

We are partners in a sheet feed facility, Pinnacle Corrugated, in Landis, North Carolina. Our custom ordered board is produced daily along with access to board testing equipment.

Various corrugated flutes